Galena - uteshitelna nagrada / booby prize

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Açıklama : Lyrics of "Uteshitelna nagrada"/"Booby prize" http 1.Every time I come across unsuitable guys. That's my talent! Every time the destiny sends to me the saddest in the love. It's a feast but you are not with me, you must be home now. At least you are with me in your thoughts. The pain screams into my heart. refrain: Don't date marrieds... ...not to heal their loneliness with you. They love you,the crave for you but they don't celebrate the feasts with you Don't date ...
İzlenme : 453 | Puan : 2.9
Süre: 03:14 | Tarih : 13.07.2009
Etiketler : Galena uteshitelna nagrada Music Pop Folk Popfolk Pop-folk Chalga Bulgarian
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